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Cracks happen. We fix them.

Cracks happen, even with the best of planning. Here in Southern California, we have earthquakes to thank for some of that. But cracks in a concrete surface don’t have to mean a costly repair, or worse, a full-scale replacement. Bulldog Driveways has developed a range of techniques to keep even small cracks from becoming big problems. 

Healthy joints are important in humans–and in concrete surfaces. Proper joints give your concrete hardscape the flexibility it needs to resist cracking. We’ll inspect your joints for needed repairs and, if needed, fill and seal them to keep them at their best.

Bulldog Driveways can diagnose and fix a wide range of issues with concrete driveways, patios, pool decks and walkways. Give us a call today.

Service Details

Tree roots, heavy loads, water and ground movement can all cause a concrete surface to crack. Here’s what Bulldog Driveways can do to fix the damage:

Prep the surface for work

We start by pressure washing your concrete surface to clear it of debris.

Caulk and seal

Bulldog Driveways uses premium, professional products to caulk cracks and fill and seal joints.

Protect the work

Every job ends with the application of a protective sealant so that the work we do will last.

"Excellent craftsmanship. Great estimate with expert advice. Goes the extra mile to see you satisfied. Professional."

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