About Us

Bulldog Driveways is a family-owned business with deep roots in Southern California.

Each of the homes we have owned here needed interior or exterior updates–or both–and we threw ourselves into the projects, drawing up plans, vetting contractors, and picking up a paintbrush. Or a drill.

We learned to develop a vision for the work to be done and, if we didn’t have a budget to get it all done at once,  a plan for doing it in stages. Since Bulldog Driveways can do a wide range of hardscape projects, we use these planning skills to help clients to properly sequence their work. 

We know that it’s important for homeowners to find the people with the right skills for their projects, and we’ve invested a lot to build our skills. We use this knowledge to throughly explain each project we undertake to our clients. 

Finally, we know the importance of building a detailed, accurate estimate for each project–and sticking to it. We respect the investment that Bulldog Driveways customers are making in their homes and do right by it. We’ve stayed within the estimate on every one of our jobs and, when the final work came in below our estimate, we rebated the difference to our clients.

We’ve  become the company  that we would most like to hire. We think you’ll agree when you get to know Bulldog Driveways. 

Oh, and one more thing: We’ve loved and been loved by three of the best bulldogs in the world–Winston, Cromwell and Clementine.

–Christina and Alex

Bulldog Driveways

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